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Are you looking visit Canada for a short time?

Wanting to Visit Canada for a short time?

We can help you determine your options for travelling to Canada. You many require a Visitor Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (“eTA”) to travel to Canada which must be secured prior to travelling into Canada. We can assist with this.

Wanting to Study in Canada as a Foreign Student?

Don’t be fooled, not all schools are equal when it comes to studying in Canada. Canada offers many options when it comes to Studying in Canada, it is important to ensure you are taking the one that is best suited to your goals. We can assist by looking at all available options to determine your best program of study based on your circumstances and wants.

Perhaps your want to extend your stay in Canada, whether you are a Student, Worker or Visitor, Ocana Law can assist with this.

Wanting to Work in Canada as a Foreign Worker?

We can assist by looking at all available options to determine your best fit and working with the Canadian Employer and the Foreign Worker with the respective applications.

Are you inadmissible to Canada?

Even a minor criminal conviction could make you inadmissible to Canada. If you find that you have been declared inadmissible to Canada and the problem cannot be cured at entry, we can help you secure a temporary resident permit which will allow you to enter Canada for a specific period.

Persons with a criminal conviction regardless of when it took place, may be deemed inadmissible to Canada and may not be permitted entry until they are rehabilitated. This is completed through an application submitted to the Canadian Government. Ocana Law has extensive experience in assisting clients successfully through this process.

Are you looking to visit to Canada for a long time?

Relocating to a foreign country is an extraordinary, brave journey. To tear yourself away from everything you know is difficult and stressful enough without the technicalities and potential pitfalls of the immigration process, especially if you add the uncertainty of trying to establish a yourself and your family in your adopted country.

Ocana Law offers a unique combination of advantages to citizens of foreign countries who are seeking to immigrate to Canada, particularly to British Columbia and the Okanagan. We serve prospective immigrants from all over the world.

Ocana Law can assist in helping you determine the best long-term option based on your personal circumstances.

Family Sponsorship Program

A Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident may sponsor a qualifying family member. Family-based immigration may be available for a spouse, child, parents or grandparents. In some situations, other family members might be sponsored.

Federal Immigration Program

The Federal Program are a “point-based” immigration program, are currently accepting new applications.  Those who qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades Worker, or Canadian Experience Class, will apply using the online Federal Express Entry program. Contact Ocana Law for your best fit for your solution.

Provincial Immigration Programs

Each province in Canada has a unique provincially sponsored immigration program. In British Columbia, the Provincial Nomination Program offers various opportunities for an employer to sponsor a Foreign National to apply for Permanent Residency.

Canadian Business/Entrepreneur Immigration

Business persons seeking to immigrate under an Entrepreneur program, may qualify under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or one the Federal Programs.

We determine which program is best, based on the client’s specific qualifications; Resume/Curriculum Vitae, background, expertise and net worth.

Based on your personal circumstances and the above noted information, we work with you to determine the most ideal immigration stream.

Trust the Experience and Service Commitment of a Kelowna Immigration Lawyer

We are one of the only law firms in British Columbia outside the Lower Mainland that are exclusively dedicated to immigration/citizenship law, giving us an unparalleled breadth of knowledge for anybody who is seeking to relocate to this area. We frequently accept referrals from other law firms and agencies for matters too difficult or complex for them to handle.

We offer our clients an exceptional level of service and personal attention, possible because of our small size and necessary given our respect for our clients as pilgrims embarked on their journey to a new world.

Are you ready for your Canadian Citizenship?

Did you wake up Canadian? Do you have a Canadian born parent? If so, then you may qualify for your Canadian Citizenship Certificate. Have you been a Permanent Resident for longer than three years? Then you may now qualify for Canadian Citizenship.


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